Marquis Sport Horses, LLC


     Marquis Sport Horses, LLC was formally established with the goal of producing talented warmbloods with the potential to succeed across a wide range of equestrian disciplines such as dressage, show jumping, and eventing.


     We started out small, with a single foundation broodmare, Gaia (Lara S), and have had wonderful success with her first foal, Contratto by Contendro I.  As opportunity has presented itself, we have expanded our herd of broodmares, adding Imagine That (Iris) and Elle Trotte (ET).  Through careful planning and selection, we have choses suitable sires to match with our mares, and have had excellent results with very promising young horses.


     All of our foals are handled regularly by us, especially during their first weeks and months, leading to a wonderful relaxed introduction and natural progression to regular work and training in due course. Our young horses are handled, introduced to a the rider, and trained directly by us, allowing us to gain an excellent understanding of the individual personality and capabilities of each horse.

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